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All over the world, people are meeting over candlelit tables, decompressing after stressful days with friends and family, in settings where comfort and conviviality are all that matter. Chiang Mai’s very own Terra is one such place, where more than good food is on offer.


Since its inception in 2019, Terra has had a clear cut goal: to provide an ideal getaway from the city by highlighting the finest country living that northern Thailand has to offer. From its cozy wood-flecked bar and candle-lapped, flower-massed restaurant tables to its shaded courtyard, garden and elegant villa, Terra is the embodiment of the type of grand, gracious space that seems of a different time.


But Terra is more than just a luxury living showcase. With its retail and event spaces, farms and forested land, Terra has a serious goal: to show off the local produce of northern Thailand’s farmers, veterans of the cool climate highlands. This is where Farmers & Co comes in: providing the highest quality ingredients — rivaling some of the best in the world — to Terra’s test kitchen, where this bounty is presented in the glittering setting that it deserves.


With this quality of ingredients, no culinary flim-flammery is needed; just simple, honest and sincere country house cooking that is simple in its methods, but focused on the ingredients. Sustainable, seasonal, wholesome and local: that’s all there is to Terra.


Terra is also lucky enough to boast a sister establishment, the mountaintop farm of Mollisol. A chef’s “heavenly playground” of budding plants and stunning panoramas, as well as other high-altitude locations on command. Additionally, Terra is home to the Arts & Nature Circle, known for its annual outdoor classical music festival which runs from October-February. Due to popular demand, a new indoor program will now run all year round.


After 4 years in operation, Terra has built a name for itself among diners in the know as a “little destination” in its own right. Only 20 minutes from downtown Chiang Mai, Terra — with its bar, wine room, farm shop, award-winning garden, farm retreat and forest reserves — is being recognized as a home for soulful food and warm characters, a snapshot of how sweet life in Northern Thailand can be.




The compound is set on grounds of over one hectare, adjacent to a private forest reserve. Multiple buildings with different purposes form the “nerve centre”: Terra’s home base comprising the restaurant, Farmers & Co home store, and villa with facilities.


Upon arrival, one will be greeted by the Farmers & Co farm outlet.


On the left is the Farmers’ Bar with lounge seating, a centre courtyard, a farm shop, and terraces, next to a wine room with some of the best selections with reasonable pricing.


In the back, a brand new Arts & Nature Hall building resembles a large working farm barn, next to a show kitchen, wine room, and basement cellar.


Home to the Arts & Nature Circle Music Series, described as "Thailand's answer to Glyndebourne".


The centre Courtyard seats 40, ideal for cigar lounging and outdoor dining


The Long Garden — a new addition to the property — is a landscape garden that reflects the group's agricultural foundations.

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